Netatmo Weather Station
Netatmo Weather Station

I’ve given up on cheapo weather stations, they’re exactly that; cheaply made, unreliable communications-wise in an Amateur Radio environment and very inaccurate.

I thought I’d have to save up lots of pennies to purchase an expensive unit like a Davis, or the like. However, I’ve come across, what just might be, a credible alternative that not only looks good (very good in fact), but which installs in minutes and will be up-and-running, broadcasting its data to the world, in less than half an hour.

Read more about my new Netatmo weather station and view the weather data here in Ormskirk.


You can also read some reviews of the Netatmo weather station. They mainly state that the unit is a great piece of kit but that it’s expensive and the documentation is awful. However, for the quality of what you get, the ease of setup and the method of communicating your data to the world, I can forgive the price. And documentation? Well, it was actually so easy to setup I didn’t think that much more documentation would have made the job any easier to be honest; but there is a pretty good forum that answers most questions.

Netatmo web site

For more information about the Natatmo weather station, visit the Netatmo web site.

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