My computer has been running a little slow for the last few days and for no good reason. At the moment I’ve got Firefox, Microsoft Outlook and Word open and none of them are doing anything taxing, just sitting there. The Intel Core i5-2320 processor and 8Gb of memory inside a decent Lenovo desktop PC should be more than capable of handling this whilst Norton’s busy keeping me safe.

I know, ditch Norton is what everyone says as it slows your computer down. Well that’s not going to happen and it was fine with Norton running last week and has been for the previous several months. So what’s the problem?

Well a quick CTRL-ALT-DEL and a run of the Task Manager revealed that Google Chrome, that isn’t loaded and running on my PC at the moment is using 25% of my processor. What!?

Google Chrome using when 25% of CPU when not loaded and running

Now this isn’t caused from an instance of Chrome running previously that hasn’t shut down properly, the machine was booted from cold this morning and Chrome hasn’t been run today. Investigations on the Internet haven’t really helped me pin-point this anomaly, but it is worrying that Google Chrome could be doing something that I’m not aware of.

It’s always a worry opening up your computer to a giant like Google with all this free software, but I’m a web designer and I need this software on my computer for testing my web sites. I shall monitor this and see what happens.

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