When my ISP was Pipex, my network consisted of:

  • Linksys WAG160N with wireless disabled
  • Buffalo WHR-G300N v2 WAP wired to the WAG160N and setup up as a WDS master
  • Buffalo WHR-G300N v2 WAP set up as a WDS slave to the master

This worked fine and gave me 300Mbit wireless access all over my house. I’ve since moved ISP to BE and this set-up continued to work fine.

However, we hit a problem with the Broadband and BE said they’d only support this issue with the BE router (Thomson TG585 v7) in place. So I installed the router and set it up (turning off the inbuilt wireless connection) using the absolutely awful user interface (Thomson need to have a look at a Linksys, that’s a user interface).

Everything worked fine except I could no longer connect to the network wirelessly via the Buffalo WAPs.

Has anyone any idea why this might be the case?

By the way, I’ve posted messages on the Thomson (Technicolor), Buffalo, BE and TechSupport web sites to see who will answer my question and how long it will take. My money’s on the TechSupport site as it’s run by users, but let’s just see.

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