The latest top-of-the-range smartphone from Samsung has joined the fleet here at G7LFC towers, replacing a pretty ordinary and mundane Sony Experia J.

The promise of a nice large screen, fast quad core processor and 16Gb of internal storage all conspired to make this the phone of choice, backed up by the support of one of the world’s largest electronic corporations.

Against this upgrade was the thought of spending another two years with Vodafone who, over the last two years, have provided pitiful mobile broadband performance compared to the Three contact I have for my iPad.

However, four good upgrade deals for this and my family members’ phones (which couldn’t be matched by the other three major mobile providers) meant another stint with the devil I know.

So, what about the new phone? Well, the screen’s a dream. It’s not so much the size of it that impresses as the quality of it. Characters are sharp and extremely well defined. The colours are bright and punchy. This is good, very good.

Another advantage of the larger screen is that the buttons on the keyboard are better spaced out, resulting in fewer typos. However, there doesn’t appear to be any quick shortcut typing.

On the Sony, you’d start typing and its keyboard app would start suggesting words, highlighting one in particular. If you pressed the space bar with a word selected it would drop the word into your text. It would also auto-correct mispelt words. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that the Galaxy 3S does this by default, so I guess I’m going to have to research this one.

I went to a motor museum yesterday and left my camera at home by mistake. I wouldn’t have bothered using the Experia J as it’s camera was okay, but the results weren’t brilliant. The Galaxy S3 produced more than acceptable results, quite impressive in fact.

I’m sure the processor makes a big difference to my operating experience, things certainly work pretty well. However, I was surprised to see the handset temporarily freeze whilst reading emails during the update of some apps in the Play store. I wasn’t expecting this from the quad cores and it’s happened several times since.

I’ll sign off for now as I have to go and play some more with the new phone. To be honest I have written this article using it and it’s been a pretty pleasant experience. I think we’re going to get on fine together.

Keep visiting to find out if the relationship is short lived, or long-term.

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