Well, after much deliberation, the decision has been made. My mobile phone contract is up for renewal in July which means that I am eligible for an upgrade near the end of April. so for the last few weeks I have been trying to decide what to go for. Would I stick with Nokia, give Windows Mobile 7 a try, or plumb for Android?

Well, as all good network managers know, you never buy into anything Microsoft until version 2 has been released. So that being a good eighteen months away ruled that out.

I’ve been a huge fan of Symbian, nee Psion, for decades. I started with a two-line Organisers II, progressed to a four-line variant and then up through the three (the 3mx was truly special) and five series handhelds to a Nokia E71. What a range and the E71 has been an extremely faithful service.

However, Symbian’s imminent demise and replacement by Windows together with a lack of really good free apps discounted a new M8.

So, what have I got? A new HTC Desire S. And am I happy with it? You bet.

The transfer of my contacts, messages and other goodies from my outgoing E71 was impressively quick and impressive. The battery life is equally impressive. Ok, I don’t have the thing chattering away on the Internet 24/7 (rather I connect and sync when I actually use an app manually) but even so the battery only needs charging every few days. That could be attributable to the latest 2.3.3 Android operating system, but it does work.

The screen is a delight in all but the brightest of conditions and the on-screen keyboard is actually quite usable – making good guesses of what I mean to type but mispell due to my large fingers trying to use relatively small keys.

All around I’m very impressed. My son’s just upgraded to an HTC Wildfire which, low resolution screen aside i


equally impressive – especially when you consider the £10 a month contract (including Internet

access)I was able to get it on.

The only fly in the Andro

id ointment has been the

dinky Sony Ericsson Clerks X10 Mini Pro (who thinks these names up?) I bought my wife. I thought she’d love it

with it’s small screen and slide out keyboard. But, alas, it’s screen is it’s downfall – its diminutive size and over sensitive

screen and buttons make it annoying to use – she managed to put a call on hold yesterday just by moving the phone by her ear yesterday. That and the fzct that the volume control has developed an intermittent fault means that it is wending its way back to Vodafone to be

replaced by another Wildfire.

So Android has won – but only if it’s an HTC.

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