Microsoft has a habit of creating one good operating system, followed by a dud and you can trace this right back to the nineties; ask anybody that’s been involved in computing that long.

Windows 95 – Good

Windows 98 – Not so good

Windows 98 Second Edition – Considered a classic by many for years

Windows ME – Sad combination of Windows 2000 and 98 that didn’t really work

Windows XP – Still used by many organisations

Windows Vista – Nothing more to say

Windows 7 – A credible upgrade to Windows XP

Windows 8 – Has its fans, but not many

Windows 8 was to be the latest, greatest, operating system to grace PC World’s shelves and that of many other computer retailers around the world. However, it’s interface changes are too much and get in the way of operating the computer. We all know it’s destined for a life of infamy, akin to that earned by Vista.

However, it’s not often that too much top level rebellion is seen against an operating system. Even Microsoft  are trying to distance themselves from the unpopular product. What was supposed to be an interim release of Windows 8, designed to keep the operating system up-to-date with the latest developments in the IR world, is to have a name change. usually these updates are simply referred to as ‘Service Pack X’, or “Release Y’ of the same software; i.e. Windows 8 release 2. However, Microsoft may be so embarrassed by the response to Windows 8 that they’re going to be calling this mid-life update, ‘Windows 9’.

In another strange move, Hewlett Packard have reintroduced the availability of Windows 7 on its desktops and laptops, proclaiming that it is back by popular demand (PC Pro). Better still, they’re upto $150 cheaper than the same models that normally ship with Windows 8.x. That’s right, $150; sadly HP has not yet confirmed whether it will be following up with the same offer in the UK.

Come on HP, you can do it!

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