Following on from my discovery that I can’t send email from my Three 3G iPad when Three issues my iPad with a blacklisted I have attempted to contact Three technical support on a number of occasions to see how good they are at resolving issues they can deal with.

What could they do to resolve my issue?

  • They could check an IP address to see whether it is blacklisted before they make it available for issue to customers
  • They could provide me with a fixed IP address so that I have no chance of getting a blacklisted IP address

Will they see that they are actually charging me with a service that doesn’t work half the time, or will they blame my hosting provider? Let’s see…

09/01/201417:30170.85Cut-off, didn't ring backWas told that if my emails worked yesterday and didn't today, that wasn't their fault, the fact that it worked yesterday is proof that it wasn't their systems that were at fault.
09/01/201417:5080.04No solutionPromised original call-handler would call me back in one hour.
10/01/201412:3200.00EngagedHow can technical support be engaged? They overrun with problems?
10/01/201412:33603.00Currently in processInformed that tech support had called back last night, but it was more than an hour after they call finished and I had had to go out, so missed call.

This operator read out the fault as logged by previous operators which stated I was having problems opening emails. As a result, I had to go through the explanation process again.

Operator doesn't believe it's their problem. Just reconnected my iPad to the network and was given IP address Spamhauss says it's a blacklisted IP address. Emails are now not being sent.

Operator says they don't use tools to see whether it is blacklisted IP address. Gave her the address of Spamhauss, she refused to look it up.

The operator has said that she cannot check to see if the IP address is blacklisted and has now suggested that I delete all the email accounts from my iPad and that if I don't she cannot help me any further. She is not listening to what her client is telling her.

I have asked for the problem to escalated to someone who can listen to what I am saying and check to see if the IP address is blacklisted.

Now speaking to a manager.

At last, someone who listens. The problem is being escalated to the back-end network team. Can expect a call-back from them within the next 24 hours after 3pm this afternoon. Here's hoping.

If you want to contact Three to see how good their support is, call 0843 373 0500. Do be careful though, they’ll charge you 5p a minute.

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