PC World have had my £200+ Epson L355 printer now for more than three weeks to resolve an issue whereby the printer thinks that it has no ink in it even though it’s got four full ink chambers. I know it’s the printer that thinks this and not a computer driver mis-communicating because there’s an LED on the front panel that is the ink status light; so it’s definitely a hardware issue.

The printer went in to PC World around three weeks ago and within a week I was told to come and collect my printer as there was nothing PC World could do; I had to deal with Epson direct myself. The problem I have is that I’m a teacher that leaves the house at seven-thirty in the morning and rarely gets home before six in the evening. Annoyingly, Epson’s help-line is only open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:30; that’s pretty useless for people that work for a living.

I explained my dilemma to the store and they said they’d see what they can do. Today I get a letter stating thatthe store has spoken to Epson “but cannot progress further as troubleshooting is required”. Yes, I totally agree, that’s why I took it back to PC World, for troubleshooting. So why can’t PC World do the troubleshooting? Well apprenetly, PC World is “unable to connect the printer to their store wifi to diagnose the issue instore”. So because they are unable to do what they’re paid to do, I have to deal with Epson direct and get the problem sorted myself.

When I spoke to the head of support in the store on the phone the reason they gave was that I had to print the WPS button on my router to set it up. I explain that I was a PC engineer and that that wasn’t true, I didn’t press the WPS button on the router because I don’t have one and I still managed to set up the printer up on my network and it worked quite reliably on every computer that connected to it. So we can only assume from this that the support desk staff at PC World are actually incapable of setting an Epson printer up on a network to troubleshoot it.

Absolutely pathetic!

So, I’m now responsible for sorting out a problem myself that PC World are obligated to resolve under various retail laws.

Absolutely pathetic!

Draw your own conclusions from buying a wifi Epson printer from PC World; personally I’ll purchase my next computer equipment from a company that provides me with decent support; like Brother!