HP Stream 7 Signature Windows 8.1 tablet
HP Stream 7 Signature Windows 8.1 tablet

Earlier this month I purchased an HP Stream 7 Signature Edition tablet and I wrote about how reckoned it was a steal at the £79 I paid for it; a whopping 20% off the already great value £99 for a top-name tablet.

Windows tablet for the pocket

Well the tablet has been used almost every day since I purchased it and I’ve found it to be a great tablet to have in my pocket; yes, it does fit in the inside pocket of most of my jackets and coats.

Windows desktop does work-ish

As I suspected, the Windows desktop is almost unusable on such a small screen because the pop-up on-screen keyboard almost obliterates the window and data being used. Having said that, I have successfully used it in this mode with a small Bluetooth keyboard and using the touch instead of a mouse.

Windows Metro apps actually rather good

However, that’s not where the Stream 7 shines. Metro apps, as they used to be called, really do work. I wondered what the point of them on my Windows 8.1 laptops and desktops were, and I still do; but on a tablet they’re great and really work very well. You’ll hear many people bemoaning the fact that there aren’t as many apps for Windows as there are for Android or iOS and by some margin. You can’t deny this is true, but the apps I’ve obtained have been of good quality; certainly better than many of the ones I have on my Tesco Hudl Android tablet.

Diversity is there too; I’m an Amateur Radio operator (which isn’t the most popular hobby in the world) and there’s quite a range of apps to suit my requirements. There’s also many apps that I have installed on my iPad/Android tablet that are available for Windows – and this is only getting better as time goes by.

HP Stream 7 ta

HP Stream 7 Signature Windows 8.1 tablet
HP Stream 7 Signature Windows 8.1 tablet

blet now even better value

So, I thoroughly recommend this tablet, it is a great bargain at £99. But wait, I’m really cheesed off with this tablet too. No, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s on special offer again with Microsoft; it’s now only £74.99 – £5 cheaper than I purchased it for. Go get it now!!