Well I guess it had to happen some time, but don’t think that this is my first forray in to the world of Apples, oh no! However, I have purchased my first Apple Mac that will serve as a front line machine.  Am I happy, read on…

In truth, I was playing with Apples when Adam (aka the Microsoft PC) was a lad. I had a couple of Apple ][ computers and still have my Apple ][ GS as my ‘main’ computers, but it’s over twenty years old now (yikes). For posterity I messed around with a Mac SE, Colour and the original iMac (still got that and unlikely to relinquish it – it’s an iconic piece of computer design).

My latest iMac is probably about four years old and is a G4 iMac with the swivelling monitor – another completely unique design from the guys who really know how to design beautiful computers. Despite its age, it’s still completely useful and functional, unlike PCs of its age. Modestly equipped with just a 1GHz processor, 1Gb of memory and an 80Gb hard disk it is performing tasks for me that my older PC is struggling with.

What really blew me away though was how nice Mac OS X is to use. Yes, I have kept up-to-date with Mac OS through my original iMac but you really don’t appreciate how good it is until you’re using it every day. I installed the printer driver for my HP multi-function ink-jet for example. On the PC, I would be asked a stream of questions before the driver was installed, and boy does it take a long time – about five minutes the last time I performed the task a few weeks ago. Not so the Mac, it asked me next to nothing, sniffed out the printer on the network on it’s own and configured itself without any intervention from me. About two minutes later I was printing and scanning across the network – my Vista PC wasn’t doing that last year, had to wait for an update before I could use the device over the network.

So am I happy with my new purchase? You bet. Am I tempted to ditch the PCs, you bet. What’s holding me back? The cost of everything in macWorld and availability of some of the software I use. I guess I’ll always be a couple of generations behind everyone else, but then the latest PCs are too so I’m happy.

Useful links: EveryMac.com, LowEndMac.com

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