Train the Trainers Mini Teach Videos

It’s amazing the different ways in which a difficult topic can be presented to students to make it easier and fun for them to learn.

I am part of the Radio Society of Great Britain’s (RSGB’s) Train the Trainers team that go around the country delivering a course to Amateur Radio trainers that endeavors to show them how to use modern delivery methods to make our amateur radio courses more interesting a relevant to delegates.

Each delegate is placed in a team that has to produce a five minute (max) mini teach on a subject of their choosing. We then video the mini lessons and present some of the best here on the Internet. And don’t get me wrong, we (the Train the Trainer presenters) love learning from the delegates too and these videos can show us how to deliver potentially tricky subjects in a way which will appeal to many. Watch and see if you could use these, or variations of them, in your course…