Experienced Amateur Radio operators should go back to school

As an instructor of Amateur Radio foundation courses I drill in to my students that they should establish contacts on the calling frequency of a band and then move to an available working frequency to hold their chat. This is considered to be so important that it is specifically mentioned in the course syllabus – […]

SOS Radio Week support growing

I am delighted to announce that a number of Radio Amateurs and Amateur Radio Clubs have registered to take part in the 2009 SOS Radio Week that takes place between the 24th and 30th January. These stations will be operating for all, or part, of the week as sponsored stations raising money for a most […]

Operating /A from an alternative address

I’ve been a Radio Amateur since 1991 and I must have been asleep for much of that time. I’m sure I’ve read my BR68 (the rules and regulations of being a Radio Amateur) several times but I don’t ever recall those latter documents referring to operating from an alternative address using the ‘/a’ suffix.