Buying from out-of-town stores, is it worth it?

There was a time when Britain’s towns were full of small family-run businesses that sold everything we wanted and their staff were only to happy to help. Then came out-of-town stores on trading estates, putting all these nice local businesses out of the running because they could not afford to compete. Well, it looks like […]

Photo gallery – lighthouses

I have an interest in most things maritime and not least lighthouses. Often situated in the most inhospitable locations, the designers of these buildings deserve medals for ingenuity, innovation and sheer metal. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to an outlying lighthouse to be able to photograph one, but even the land based ones of structures of […]

Lake District photographs – November 2008

These photographs were taken over the weekend on 29/30th November 2008. The north of England was in the grip of a major freeze with temperatures dropping down to minus five to nine (depending on where you lived) and not reaching zero during the day. Coupled with that, fog was a major issue. Please note that […]