Manx International Rally 1993

I started marshalling on rallies back in the early nineties after an all-too-short rallying career. Watch a video from one of my favourite rallies of all time – the 1993 Manx International Rally.

Manx International Rally 1992

There is nothing greater, for the rallying officianado, than to watch the late great Colin McRae. 1992 saw Colin become British Rally Champion, again, and the Manx International Rally of that year was one of the most memorable rallies of the season – as this video shows.

Favourite rally videos

Rallying is in my blood but restricted finances and too many interests and hobbies have prevented my from pursuing my big dream. However, I’m content (for now) to sit down and re-live my favourite memories from rallying years gone by. Here are some of my favourite rally videos from You Tube. Enjoy.