Sky Broadband support under the microscope

Seems that it’s very difficult to get decent support these days, especially in the IT industry. Everyone seems to assume that you’re an idiot that knows nothing and tries to pull the wool over your eyes. It’s never their fault, always yours. My very reliable, flexible and well supported broadband provider (BE) was bought out […]

BT vs BE

Double your broadband speeed or half your broadband bill?

BT sent me a letter last week to say that they’re rolling out Infinity broadband in Ormskirk – this is the new, super-fast, fibre-optic broadband that we’ve all been waiting for. With suggestions of up to 8 times faster broadband speeds and £50 Sainsbury’s Gift Card, I was interested – especially since I’m a web […]

Another good reason for using BE broadband

It’s my birthday today and I’d like to thank everyone who has emailed, posted via snail-mail, or posted their best wishes on Facebook. Thanks. I’ve had lots of  companies that I regularly purchase services from sending me best wishes too – but they’re only reminding me that they’re there and trying to illicit an order […]

Thomson 585v7 router and Buffalo WHR-G300N v2 won’t talk

When my ISP was Pipex, my network consisted of: Linksys WAG160N with wireless disabled Buffalo WHR-G300N v2 WAP wired to the WAG160N and setup up as a WDS master Buffalo WHR-G300N v2 WAP set up as a WDS slave to the master This worked fine and gave me 300Mbit wireless access all over my house. I’ve […]