I wanted to start using a WordPress plugin that posted my blogs to my LinkedIn account automatically. To do so I needed to enter my LinkedIn ID into the plugin. Usually your LinkedIn ID is embedded in the URL of your LinkedIn profile, but this wasn’t working, so I emailed LinkedIn to ask them what my user ID was. The response was amazing…

“While the application you have inquired about is hosted on LinkedIn’s platform, the details you have inquired about were designed by our partner, WordPress. Based on our review of your inquiry, we expect you will receive the most accurate and up-to-date assistance from our partner. Please contact them directly.”

Right, so the creator of the WordPress plugin is going to know what my LinkedIn ID is and LinkedIn isn’t. As it happens, the creator of the WordPress plugin did know what my LinkedIn user ID was, it was my screen name – not the code embedded in the URL as I’d read elsewhere on the Internet.

Thanks LinkedIn; in my many years in the computer industry I’ve come across countless situations where one company has blamed another for a problem and vice-versa, but never seen a company tell me that another company could advise me better on their own product before – it’s a new one on me.

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