I’ve just been to Morrisons and was horrified by what I saw and it goes against their very own green slogan – Great taste less waste.

Tins of beans are microwaveable, recyclable and good value

Tins of beans are microwaveable, you put them in a dish, put them in the microwave, heat them, take them out and heat them.

Tins from baked beans are recyclable – the paper wrapper goes in the paper bag, the tin goes in the glass and metal box.

Tins of beans are good value for money – about (exact price escapes me) 25p for 450g.

Enter the new microwaveable baked beans pouch

Yes, they’re microwaveable. Good, no better than a tin of beans then.

No, the pouch proudly states that it cannot be recycled.

Pouches of beans are not good value, costing the same as a tin but for only 200g.

So, great taste, less waste?

I think not – not for the pouch anyway – it’s good old tins of beans for me.

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