RNLI Waveney class lifeboats

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) built twenty-two all-weather Waveney class lifeboats over a twenty-year period starting in 1962 as long-distance rescue vessels. The boats were the first fast (15 knots) lifeboats to see service with the RNLI and were based on an American coast guard vessel design.

RNLI Zetland Lifeboat Museum

The RNLI Zetland Lifeboat Museum is home to the world’s oldest lifeboat and is responsible for saving over 500 lives in her seventy-eight years of service. Built in 1802, at a cost of £200, this 31′ double-ended rowing boat was carriage launched and crewed by between thirteen and twenty volunteer fishermen and pilots from the boat’s […]

Filey Lifeboat 37-04 (Oakley) discovered alive and well in Hartlepool

Following a visit to Hartlepool today we discovered Filey Lifeboat 37-04, Robert & Dorothy Hardcastle, in a boat yard. She looked in pretty good condition from the outside, if a little faded.

HMS Trincomalee jewel in Hartlepool’s crown

You wouldn’t really expect to find a beautifully restored Royal Navy frigate from the 1800’s outside of one of the historic naval dockyards, but Hartlepool is home to a superbly restored example – HMS Trincomalee.

Photo gallery – lighthouses

I have an interest in most things maritime and not least lighthouses. Often situated in the most inhospitable locations, the designers of these buildings deserve medals for ingenuity, innovation and sheer metal. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to an outlying lighthouse to be able to photograph one, but even the land based ones of structures of […]