Google Maps suggests you get your Jet Ski out

I was sent a possible scam the other day, but thought I’d test it out and, hey presto – it was for real. Load Google Maps, select Get Directions and plot a route from Lanzhou to Tokyo. There at instruction 29 are those fantastic words… Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean Don’t believe me, here’s […]

Bye bye Android, hello Symbian

Well the test period is over and I’m afraid Android has been dumped – welcome back to my Nokia E71 mobile phone running the Symbian operating system. Don’t get me wrong, I love Android – it’s a fantastic operating system. The ways applications are obtained, downloaded and installed is flawless. The number and range of […]

Vodafone SatNav fails on Nokia E71

I’ve banged on before about how I love my Nokia E71, even though I was anti-Nokia in the past. Well I thought it was time to see if the Sat Nav facility of my new phone would serve as a replacement for my ageing Tom Tom One.