Vodafone Broadband cancelled after just five days

Vodafone Broadband – very early termination The Internet; it’s a quick medium of communication – that’s a generally accepted fact. Fibre Broadband should be faster than copper Broadband – that’s an expectation that most would hope for. Well. not if your a Vodafone Broadband customer. My new Vodafone Broadband contract went live on the 18th August, […]

Electromagnetic Field camp: 5-7th August, Guildford

Electromagnetic Field Camp (EMF Camp) 2016: report

Rebecca (M6BUB) and I (Derek, G7LFC) selected to exhibit and represent our hobby at Electromagnetic Field Camp 2016: a prestigious technical, scientific, engineering and maker festival held in Guildford at the beginning of August. They were really excited; but what happened? Read our report to find out (hint: it was amazing!!!)

Electronics: All About Circuits – A Great Resource

All About Circuits is a brilliant web site for teachers, students and those with a general interest in electronics. It is jam packed with everything you’d want to know from a book costing many tens, if not hundreds, or pounds. I’ve looked at several electronics ‘bibles’ recently with a view to purchasing one to base […]