Vodafone Broadband cancelled after just five days

Vodafone Broadband – very early termination The Internet; it’s a quick medium of communication – that’s a generally accepted fact. Fibre Broadband should be faster than copper Broadband – that’s an expectation that most would hope for. Well. not if your a Vodafone Broadband customer. My new Vodafone Broadband contract went live on the 18th August, […]

Electromagnetic Field camp: 5-7th August, Guildford

Electromagnetic Field Camp (EMF Camp) 2016: report

Rebecca (M6BUB) and I (Derek, G7LFC) selected to exhibit and represent our hobby at Electromagnetic Field Camp 2016: a prestigious technical, scientific, engineering and maker festival held in Guildford at the beginning of August. They were really excited; but what happened? Read our report to find out (hint: it was amazing!!!)

Electronics: All About Circuits – A Great Resource

All About Circuits is a brilliant web site for teachers, students and those with a general interest in electronics. It is jam packed with everything you’d want to know from a book costing many tens, if not hundreds, or pounds. I’ve looked at several electronics ‘bibles’ recently with a view to purchasing one to base […]

Sky Broadband support under the microscope

Seems that it’s very difficult to get decent support these days, especially in the IT industry. Everyone seems to assume that you’re an idiot that knows nothing and tries to pull the wool over your eyes. It’s never their fault, always yours. My very reliable, flexible and well supported broadband provider (BE) was bought out […]

Is Three Mobile Broadband support any good?

Following on from my discovery that I can’t send email from my Three 3G iPad when Three issues my iPad with a blacklisted I have attempted to contact Three technical support on a number of occasions to see how good they are at resolving issues they can deal with. What could they do to resolve […]

Can’t send emails using the Three mobile network – blacklisted IP address

A client of mine brought this problem to my attention. One day, he could send emails from his Three 3G iPad fine, the next day emails could not be sent and stayed in the Outbox. The client asked for advice and tests were performed that indicated the mailbox was working fine, even when his iPad […]