The new Yaesu VX-8GE threw me another wobbly the other day when the battery drained in less than a day when it hadn’t even been switched on.

The transceiver was fully charged, taken to work with me and then on to my Amateur Radio club meeting that evening. Someone wanted to see the new purchase and, when I went to switch it on, the battery was dead.

Having not turned the unit on, I thought there was a problem with it. However, I discovered that it was because I had not switched the GPS or APRS modem off before switching off the radio. A test completed the following day confirmed this as the battery has retained it’s charge for several days.

So this radio now has a shutdown procedure like no other radio I have. Before turning off the transceiver I have to turn off the modem and GPS first. Why can’t the on/off switch do what it says on the tin and turn the radio off?

Poor design.

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