Like many UK Radio Amateurs, I have been looking around for new Amateur Radio insurance over the last couple of months. One of the companies I have been talking to is Quotedesk, a company recommended by the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

They’ve been very persistent whilst I have been contemplating who I should deal with, but the other day they announced that their web site has now been updated to included on-line quotes and the download of the documentation that goes with the policies.

Unfortunately, I am one of those guys that reads the small print so I downloaded the Policy Wording document and read through it. On page 7 I discovered some wording which may render the Amateur Radio uninsured should their ‘transmitting’ antenna fell down. The reason is that item 10 on this page states that they will pay for “Falling receiving aerials and their fittings or masts, solar panels, satellite dishes and fittings”. Yep, it specifically states receiving aerials and satellite dishes.

I have asked Quotedesk to clarify this and re-word the document, having pointed out to them that Radio Amateurs transmit as well as receive radio signals. I wouldn’t like to take the risk of finding myself un-insured and liable for lots of money if my ‘transmitting aerial’ fell down and did damage to anyone, or my neighbours property under the current wording.

I will post again when I receive a reply to my request – it pays to read the small print!

Update – 20th July, 2012… This issue has now been resolved and the Policy Wording document re-written as requested of them.

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