I’ve now installed a WSPRlite WSPR transmitter that is operating on the 20m band. The unit transmits a WSPR signal 6 times an hour, at random times within the hour, and outputs about 200mW output.

WSPRlite WSPR transmitter

Purchased from SOTA Beams, the unit arrived quickly and was a doddle to setup and get working (about 10 minutes) and I am now monitoring the feedback I’m receiving from WSPR stations around the world.

The antenna I’m using is a trapped vertical of some vintage on the highest point on the West Lancashire Plain, at about 72m above sea level (IO83NN).

The data received from WSPR stations around the world is presented in a really neat format using DXplorer, a web-based visual package written by Roger from SOTA Beams.

Reported spots using my WSPRlite

Below are the spots I’ve received…


Spot map for my WSPRlite

Below is a map showing my spots (use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in/out and drag and drop the map to re-position it)…