The G7LFC Internet linked gateway has the following specification:

Callsign G7LFC-L
Echolink node number 609629
Location Ormskirk (IO83NN)
NoV holder Derek Hughes (G7LFC)
NoV date of issue 3rd August 2012
Level of service 8+ hours per day, 4-7 days per week
Frequency 433.975 MHz simplex
CTCSS tone 82.5 Hz
Mode FM (F3E)
Tone burst None required
Bandwidth 12.5 KHz
Time-out 5 minutes
Transceiver Kenwood V-71
Transmitter power 2.5 W
Antenna Watson W-30 2m/70cm vertical omnidirectional
Antenna configuration Half-wave on 2m, 5/8 on 70cm
Antenna height 7 MAGL
Antenna gain 3dB on 2m, 6dB on 70cm
Effective radiated power (ERP) 4 dBW
Computer G7LFC Tower PC
Processor 2.6GHz AMD 64 X2 5200+ processor
Memory 2Gb DDR2 memory
Sound card Built-in to motherboard
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP
USB / Serial Port adaptor  Built-in serial port
Data communications interface Built-in to Kenwood V-71 transceiver
Echolink gateway software Echolink v2.0.908
Internet service provider (ISP) Sky Professional (was BE)
Internet performance* 8.91 Mbps download, 0.86 Mbps upload
Down from (when we were with BE):
10.712 Mbps download, 1.1 Mbps upload

*Internet perfomance tested using Broadband Speed Checker.