Some Amateur Radio operators will stare at this post bemused and wonder what all the fuss is about, but for me this is a milestone.

I’ve been licensed since 1991 and this is my first contact across the pond. Until a couple of ears ago I mainly operated on 2m, but I decided that it was time to extend my horizons and get on to HF. Unfortunately I have a hearing problem and telephony on HF is very difficult. Fortunately, I obtained a Buxcomm data interface and haven’t looked back since, I’m a definite PSK-31 convert.

I have a modest station here with a garden too small to contain a wire or beam, so I have to make do with some sort of relatively small trapped vertical (not sure what it is it was given to me). That, combined with very little spare operating time means that I’ve only had about 150 HF contacts so far, but today I reached a major goal and worked across the pond into America.

Karen, W4KRN, was the lucky station on 15m and she is based in Arizona, some 3,500 mile distant. Thanks Karen, much appreciated.

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