The RSGB Affiliated Club Contests take place each week on a Tuesday evening. The idea is that as many members of a club make as many unique contacts as they can each week to score points for their club. The more members a club can muster the more points they will hopefully get, so this is a great opportunity for members of a club to forge relationships and work together as a team and help each other improve their stations and operating practices and procedures to enhance their club’s standing.

Along with other members of the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club I can usually be found on the air most Tuesday evenings, between 20:00 and 22:30 (local), pushing my very small three element beam (2m/70cm), or long-wire (6m), to their limits to try and squeeze as many points as possible for the club.

We are usually hovering around 20th position in the league table for much of the year on most bands which is quite an achievement against the might of other clubs like Bolton that seem to east, sleep and drink contesting. So we’re pretty proud of our achievements; especially given that we only actually have three regular contestors scoring, backed up by appearances from other members as and when work and other commitments permit.

Contesting equipment

My main station equipment comprises:

  • Icom IC-7000: Used because of good IF filtering on SSB, often enables me to pull very weak stations out of the noise.
  • Microwave Modules 100W linear: Works on 2m, so I’m usually using this, due to the lower power (35W) output of the IC-7000 on 70cm I turn the power down to 10W and operate in the low power class; gets me a few tactical points.
  • Cushcraft antenna

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