AirNav RadarBox 3D

AirNav RadarBox 3D
The AirNav RadarBox 3D from AirNav Systems was purchased from Waters & Stanton early in December 2014 for just £99; a massive 80% off the RRP.

The box was easy enough to install using the included USB cable on my Windows XP laptop, but refused to work on my Windows 7 and Windows 8 laptops, and my Windows 7 desktop; the latter of which I wanted to run the software on in the house. All of the support forum material I was reading indicated that this was a problem that many people were having and that the suggested solution from AirNav Systems didn’t actually work. However, an email to the support team was answered within minutes and the problem was quickly tracked down to the USB cable; swapping the one included in the box for a shielded USB cable solved the problem and the box is working quite reliably at the moment.

Aeronautical Radar Image

We’ve installed a new virtual aeronautical radar station up here on the hill in Ormskirk. Click over the image below to display the latest full sized radar image generated within the last sixty seconds.

G7LFC Virtual Aeronautical Radar Station - Ormskirk