Amateur Radio is a fascinating hobby that enables you to communicate with people around the work using a variety of different modes: CW (Morse code), phone (voice), data (linking computers together over thousands of miles), imagery (slow scan television) and video (amateur television, also known as fast scan television).

I have held an advanced (full) Amateur Radio licence (G7LFC) since 1991 and concentrate on data modes (mainly PSK-31) on the HF bands (3 – 30 MHz) and phone (both FM and SSB) on the VHF bands. I have even been known to take part in the odd contest for both my local club (Southport & District Amateur Radio Club) and personally.

All of my family hold Amateur Radio licenses. There’s my wife Alison (M6COV) who hails from Coventry originally, my son David (M3LFC) who took over my old HF callsign, and daughter Rebecca (M6BUB) who is better known as Bubbles to her family.

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