Electromagnetic Field 2016

What a weekend, EMF Camp 2016 was amazing. We ran the GB8EMF special event station which was visited by lots of campers. Thanks for everyone who helped make the event so absolutely brilliant.

Three Queens Visit Liverpool

On 25th May the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth visited Liverpool for the first time. It was an fantastic day that culminated in three huge ships pirouetting in sync in the middle of the river.

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio is a technical hobby that requires a license to communicate with other Amateur Radio operators around the world using wireless. I specialise in digital communications and operate the G7LFC Echolink node in Ormskirk.



I photograph mainly landscapes and seascapes using a variety of Olympus Digital SLR and Canon G-series compacts. I have also started to experiment with mobile phone photography and do make some of my work available for purchase.



Walking in the great outdoors is something we can all do; whether we live in the countryside, or in the urban sprawl, there is always plenty to see. I like to mix walking , photography and Amateur Radio - when the weather is right of course!



The weather is a fascinating science; it is constantly changing and affects many different parts of our lives. Both our planetary weather and the space weather that originates from the sun plays a major role in worldwide communications.


Observations from Derek (G7LFC)....

  • New lifeboat photo gallery posted

    Following our trip to the far south west of Cornwall I’ve added a new lifeboat gallery . It currently contains photos of St. Ives Lifeboat being recovered from our trip and some photos of Filey’s old Oakley lifeboat and photos of […]

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  • New lighthouse photo gallery posted

    We’ve just come back from a trip to the far south west of Cornwall and we took lots of photographs. View my new lighthouse gallery to see some of the lighthouses and aids to navigation we visited and sailed close by […]

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  • How waterproof and dust proof is your radio?

    Many amateur radio transceivers and receivers are sold as being waterproof and dust proof; but just how waterproof and dust proof are they? Not every piece of equipment is as waterproof as their competitors.
    IP ratings
    Tests have been developed to test […]

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  • Vodafone Broadband cancelled after just five days

    Vodafone Broadband – very early termination
    The Internet; it’s a quick medium of communication – that’s a generally accepted fact. Fibre Broadband should be faster than copper Broadband – that’s an expectation that most would hope for. Well. not if your […]

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  • Electromagnetic Field Camp (EMF Camp) 2016: report

    Rebecca (M6BUB) and I (Derek, G7LFC) selected to exhibit and represent our hobby at Electromagnetic Field Camp 2016: a prestigious technical, scientific, engineering and maker festival held in Guildford at the beginning of August. They were really excited; but what happened?
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